Cardinal Sin Summer Cocktails

Cardinal Sin and Starka Vodkas from St Louis Distillery bottle shots

I love the name of Cardinal Sin Vodka, from the St Louis Distillery in the heart of the Midwest. The guys there recently put together some summer cocktail recipes, using their Cardinal Sin Vodka and the Cardinal Sin Starka that they also make. This was the USA’s first barrel-aged vodka, and is aged in Missouri white oak bourbon barrels. I can’t wait to taste it.

Meanwhile, here are those summer vodka cocktail ideas, with thanks to the St Louis Distillery:

A Sin Shandy summer vodka cocktail using Cardinal Sin Vodka from St Louis Distilling

A Sin Shandy

Sin Shandy
Mix 2 oz. lemonade and 1-1/2 oz. Cardinal Sin Vodka in a tall glass with ice and top with beer

Summer Breeze
Mix equal parts Cardinal Sin Vodka, orange juice and cranberry juice and serve over ice.

Royal Route
Mix 2 oz. grapefruit juice with 2 oz. Cardinal Sin Starka, a splash of simple syrup and 4 basil leaves in a shaker and serve over ice.

A Starka Refresher summer vodka cocktail using Cardinal Sin Starka Vodka from the St Louis Distillery

A Starka Refresher

Starka Refresher
Mix 2 oz. Cardinal Sin Starka, ¾ oz. simple syrup, 3.4 oz. lemon juice, a dash of Angostura bitters and 5 mint leaves in a mason jar filled with ice. Shake well before serving.

Cardinal Sin Starka
Complex and smooth, Cardinal Sin Starka can be used as a replacement for bourbon or light rum and makes some delicious and refreshing cocktails.

Where to buy Cardinal Sin Vodka
Cardinal Sin Vodka and Cardinal Sin Starka are currently available in the St. Louis region at Lukas Liquors, Randall’s Wine & Spirits, Wine and Cheese Place and Bin 51. The vodkas are also available in other parts of Missouri, Illinois and Georgia.

More about the St. Louis Distillery
You can learn more about the vodkas by visiting the St. Louis Distillery website. You can also follow them on Facebook,  Twitter, and Instagram.

A Summer Breeze summer vodka cocktail using Cardinal Sin Vodka from St Louis Distilling

Summer Breeze

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