Putting the Merry in Christmas Vodka

Buying Christmas gifts for people can be so hard. They either have everything they want, or you just can’t think of something original. But you don’t have to buy people something that sits around gathering dust, or that they’ll return the first week in January and get their money back.

One of my solutions is to buy something consumable. Buy something they can use up, and buy them something that little bit special. In short the Vodka Guy says – buy them vodka! With most of my friends, vodka seldom sits around gathering dust.

Not just any old vodka, of course. If you check out the websites of retailers like 31Dover – no, I have no idea what the name means – you’ll find some pretty special gifts that are both tasty and tasteful.

William Chase Trio Book makes a great vodka Christmas gift

William Chase Trio Book

I was looking around the site to find some ideas I could drop hints to Mrs Vodka Guy about and found some Christmas gifts I would really appreciate. How about the Chase Trio Book, a gift pack of three small bottle of different Chase spirits. These are the original Chase Potato Vodka, Chase Marmalade Vodka, and Chase Elegant Gin. If I woke up and found this in my stocking or under the Christmas tree, I’d be totally delighted. And it wouldn’t be long before I was under the Christmas tree too.

Chase Cocktail Gift Set as a vodka Christmas gift idea

Chase Cocktail Gift Set

There’s also a Great Chase Cocktail Gift Set that contains Chase Vodka, Chase Elderflower Liqueur, a branded bar spoon and a glass carafe marked with measurements to ensure the perfect cocktail.

But what’s this Chase Elderflower Liqueur? That’s a new one on me. Made from Chase vodka it comes in a handsome gift box, and I knew that if I was buying a present for myself, this is the kind of thing I would buy. So, using the mighty power of The Vodka Guy, I got 31Dover to send me a sample (sorry, I forgot to ask them about their name), and so a bottle of Chase Elderflower Liqueur turned up on the doorstep. I’ll be reviewing it here very soon. Watch for the link. You can also check out my review of Chase Eureka Lemon Marmalade Vodka.

U'Luvka Vodka Gift Pack as a Christmas gift idea

U’Luvka Vodka Gift Pack

It isn’t all about Chase, of course. They were just the first things that caught my eye. Other rather special vodka Christmas gifts include a classy bottle of U’Luvka Vodka and six shot glasses. There’s also a less expensive version with two shot glasses. Buy either of those for the vodka lover in your life and they’ll luvka you forever.

Grey Goose Vodka in a Gift Tube makes a great vodka Christmas gift

Grey Goose Vodka Gift Tube

Or how about a bottle of the always-popular Grey Goose in a special gift tube?

There – Christmas sorted. Give vodka. And no, I’m not on a commission if you click on any of these links and buy anything. Mind you, if you want to use 31Dover’s gifting service to send me a little something, I’ll happily pass on my address.