Ivanabitch Red Berry Flavored Vodka Review

Ivanabitch Vodka Red Berry Flavored VodkaI’m almost ashamed to admit it, having criticized some of the more way-out flavors, but I’m starting to get a taste for flavored vodkas. It began with the Infuse Vodkas I’ve been tasting recently, especially their peach vodka. Now these are infused with real fruit and spices, not flavored, so you’d expect them to be better. But the last few days I’ve been sipping away at Ivanabitch’s Red Berry flavored vodka, and surprised to find myself enjoying it.

I wasn’t too hopeful when I first sniffed the vodka. Yes, it has the fresh and slightly sweet smell of red berries, but it also has a scent of flavored and sugar-filled sodas in there too. It’s pleasant enough, smelling more of raspberries than anything else, but nothing special.

Sipping it, though, straight from the freezer, I liked it more. I love red berries in desserts, and the fruity taste made me wonder if you could enjoy it as a dessert drink? Though it had smelled a little of soda pop it certainly didn’t taste of it, and was nicely smooth going down. It stayed smooth, too, even half an hour after I’d opened it. I like to taste vodkas ice-cold from the freezer, and then let them warm up and try them again. This one tasted pretty much the same both times, which is a good sign. Some vodkas develop a harsh or medicinal taste, but not this one.

My Cocktail
I poured a second shot and thought I’d try it in my usual improvised cocktail. I put the shot into a high glass over some ice, added a shot of white rum, and then filled the glass with cranberry juice. It was damn good, if I say so myself. The tartness of the cranberries and the sweetness of the red berry flavor were a good match for each other, and I always think vodka and rum blend well, especially if you use them in equal proportions. I bet a skilled bartender as opposed to an idiot like me could have some fun with this red berry vodka.

Ivanabitch’s Red Berry Bomb Vodka Cocktail Recipe

Ivanabitch Red Berry Bomb Flavored Vodka Cocktail Recipe
About Ivanabitch Vodka
Ivanabitch vodkas are made in the Netherlands, a country I know well and where they believe in having fun. The Ivanabitch brand is certainly about having fun. They market themselves as ‘vodka with attitude’, and their website is stylish and full of personality, without being annoying. Check it, for more information and full details of all the flavors: www.Ivanabitch.com. Oh, and they do make vodka-flavored vodka too!

The Red Berry Flavored Vodka is 35%ABV not the usual 40% ABV but in sipping it and trying it in a cocktail I certainly didn’t notice any lack of alcoholic punch.

There isn’t too much information about the ingredients and process on either the bottles or the website. It’s a grain vodka using ‘the clearest spring water available’ and distilled five times. But what grains and what water? And what’s in the flavoring?

You can’t be too picky as this is not a premium vodka but a fun flavored vodka, and for me it worked fine on that level. With its slightly lower strength it would make a good refreshing long drink, maybe with some sparkling soda, at the end of the afternoon.

Buying Ivanabitch Vodka
At the time of writing Ivanabitch is available in 30 states in the USA, and slowly expanding. Despite being made in the Netherlands, it isn’t available outside the US. The recommended price of $14.99 seems to me to be pretty good for this very tasty vodka. To find out if it’s available near you, you can enter your zip code on the Ivanabitch website here.