I first came across Infuse Vodka on Twitter, as you do, and before I knew it a sample tasting box of three of their vodkas arrived on the doorstep. These weren’t the big and groovy 750cl bottles you’ll buy in the store, with the lovely fruit or chilis floating in them, but pure tasting samples.

It’s the infusion method that makes the flavor, and by the time the bottles reach the shelves the flavoring is complete. They’ll taste the same in a year’s time as they do on their first day in the store – and exactly the same as my tasting samplers. After a year, some of the vodkas (chili pepper, mango, lemon) might show a minor loss of color in the ingredients, as some of the color is extracted into the vodka over time. With all the others, there’s no color change. The fruit is real dried fruit, so won’t change color.


The Difference Between Infused and Flavored Vodka
Are you confused about infused and flavored vodkas? Infused vodkas, like those from Infuse Vodkas and just like any you might make for yourself, are when you use genuine ingredients in the vodka so that the vodka takes in some of the flavor. Obviously, the longer you leave the ingredients in the vodka, the more flavor will be soaked up, though there is a limit. If there’s a particular flavor you like and there’s no vodka version of it – which is unlikely these days, but you never know – you can try making it yourself. Sample the vodka on different days, so you know how long it takes to get the intensity of flavor you like.

Flavored vodkas are mass-produced. Some do use the real ingredients, or extract flavors from those ingredients (which is quicker than the time-consuming infusing), while some will use completely artificial flavorings.

The Infuse Vodka Guys

The Infuse Vodka Guys

The Infuse Vodka Guys
Infuse Vodkas has an interesting background. Founder Seth Benhaim was a keen traveler, and on his travels sampled things like infused teas from China. He knew that the Russians had traditionally infused their vodkas with various ingredients, and when he returned to the USA he decided to turn what had become his passion – infused vodkas – into a business. He experimented, devised recipes, and started sourcing the quality ingredients he wanted to use – peaches, mangoes, lemons, oranges, cloves, chili peppers.

Seth got together with his co-founder, Steve Lipp, and together the guys began to make vodka. They use a non-GMO Kansas corn to produce a pure American grain vodka, and then start their infusing. Among the ingredients they are are oranges from Florida, lemons from California, chilies from Thailand, cloves from Mexico, and cinnamon from India. The rest of the fruit they use is from the USA.

More Information
For more details about their really amazing infused vodkas, visit the Infuse Spirits website.

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