Infuse Vodka Peach Flavor Review

Infuse Vodka's Peach Flavor

Infuse Vodka’s Peach Flavor

I’d already sampled the lemon and the orange clove vodkas from Infuse Vodka, and had left the peach vodka flavor till last. I love the taste of a fresh peach, but I’ve had some fruity flavored vodkas in the past that to me were little more than alcoholic pop – packed full of artificial flavors, and a waste of good vodka. Not with this one, though.

In fact I’d left this one in the freezer and kept putting it off. I felt sure I wouldn’t like it. How foolish can you be?

Peach on a Beach
One smell of the shot glass and I was blown away. It had a luscious tropical scent that made me think immediately of the warmth of the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. Even sniffing the drink I was transported to Jamaica, was reminded of the first time I ate a fresh white peach on a beach in Greece, the juice running down my chin. The smell had a sweetness to it, but in the natural way of a ripe fruit, like sniffing a fresh peach at a farmer’s market.

When I sipped it neat, straight out of the freezer, it had a fresh and more floral taste to it, not quite as intense as the nose. The fresh peaches that Infuse Vodka uses were working well with the alcohol of the vodka and producing a beautifully balanced drink.

It wasn’t at all what I’d expected. I thought the taste would be artificial, overly sweet – just like that alcoholic pop taste. Not at all. This was seriously addictive vodka! In fact a few days later my wife decided to try a glass when we went outside for a sundowner. She was reluctant, as she didn’t think she’d like it either. Wrong! After a few sips she said, ‘Wow, this is good. Mmm, I could get through a bottle of this!’

Peach on the Beach vodka cocktail recipe from Infuse Vodka

Peach on the Beach

Infuse Vodka Peach Cocktails
I checked the vodka cocktail recipes that Infuse Vodka provides for each of its infusions, and Peach on the Beach sounded nice and simple. Combine the peach vodka with some triple sec and a dash of peach bitters, over ice. I didn’t have peach bitters but it was only a dash and the peach taste of the vodka is so full anyway. I blended the peach vodka and the triple sec and it was drop-dead gorgeous, a wonderful cocktail, and that’s it on the right.

Peach Vodka Verdict
I thought I would like this least of the three samples Infuse Vodka sent me. But life is full of surprises. Although the orange clove vodka had a great deal of subtlety about it, and the lemon reminded me of one of my favorite drinks, limoncello, the peach vodka was a complete revelation. It wow’d me with its intense flavor, and was the best of the bunch. I’d happily serve this to friends, either neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail, and it’ll teach me not to pre-judge anything.

Infuse Peach Vodka currently costs $29.99 for a 750ml bottle and you can buy it on the website.

More details from the Infuse Spirits website.