Infuse Vodka Mango Flavor Review


Mango Infused Vodka

Infuse Vodka‘s infused vodkas come in a wide range of tastes. I don’t like to say flavors as they’re emphatically not flavored vodkas but are Kansas corn vodkas infused with the natural tastes of real fruit and spices. I was expecting their mango vodka to be similar to the peach vodka I tasted recently, and which is still the favorite of both myself and my wife. ‘I could get through a bottle of this!’ she said – though of course I didn’t let her.

The mango infused vodka is another taste yet again, though. It’s far more subtle than the peach. On the nose there’s no powerful alcohol smell but the subtle aroma of mangoes. I can only agree with Infuse Vodka’s own verdict, which is that the smell is so lovely you just want to go on sniffing it. Well, up to a point, of course.

Tasting the Mango Infused Vodka
The taste is just as subtle too. It made me curious about the base vodka they use. It must be an impressive one in itself, so as not to overpower these delicate fruit scents and tastes. You can certainly taste the sweet mango, and the taste does linger nicely in the mouth. It makes it a great sipping vodka, as you can take your time with it. In fact that’s true of all these Infuse Vodkas. They’re vodkas to be enjoyed slowly, not slurped down.

Both the scent and the taste did intensify as the vodka slowly warmed up in the room. But the vodka didn’t develop that rough medicinal edge that happens with cheaper spirits.

Infuse Vodka Mango Cocktails
Although I think this vodka is definitely best sipped neat, or perhaps with just one cube of good ice to keep it cool, the Infuse Vodka website does recommend a couple of mango vodka cocktails. There’s a strawberry mango mojito, which sounds wonderfully refreshing, combining fresh strawberries, mint, lime, soda, simple syrup and, of course, the mango infused vodka.

Strawberry Mango Mojito Vodka Cocktail Recipe

Strawberry Mango Mojito

The second suggestion is easy – a mango martini, combining the vodka with sweet vermouth and garnished with a slice of fresh mango.

Le Mangifera Martini Vodka Cocktail Recipe

Le Mangifera Martini

Mango Vodka Verdict
I continue to be impressed by the Infuse Vodka range. This mango vodka is understated, yet delicious. It doesn’t hit you in the face in the way some flavored vodkas can. It demands that you pay it attention rather than chug it. And it rewards the attention you pay it.

Infuse Mango Vodka currently costs $29.99 for a 750ml bottle and you can buy it on the website:

More details from the Infuse Vodka website.

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