Infuse Vodka Cinnamon Apple Flavor Review

Cinnamon Apple Infused Vodka

Cinnamon Apple Infused Vodka

Infuse Vodkas continue to surprise me. I expected to love their lemon but found it just a little too intense for me. (Didn’t stop me drinking it, though). Then sweet fruit infusions like peach, which I didn’t like the sound of – wow, I couldn’t get enough of it. Now their latest flavor to reach me, cinnamon apple, is yet another surprise.

I was keen to try a new combination of tastes, like their orange clove which is gorgeous. I had it in my mind what cinnamon apple would be like – but it wasn’t. I was expecting a delicate fresh apple taste, with just a hint of cinnamon hovering in the background. Instead this is one of those vodkas that hits you in the face – or rather, on the nose and in the mouth – with its intensity. And for me it was the cinnamon to the fore.

Smoky, Peaty Power
This was the surprise, as the tasting notes from Infuse Vodka say you should think apple pie, as that’s what they’ve created. Well, I can only say their moms must have put way more cinnamon in their apple pies than my mom ever did. It smelled like Christmas, and it even smelled like whiskey. It had a kind of smoky, peaty power to it. And yes, with the spicy smell countered by the zing of a freshly-cut apple (although they use dried American apples in the infusion).

Funnily enough, the one note I wasn’t getting was vodka. The alcohol was way back in the mix, even though this Cinnamon Apple Vodka is 40% ABV just like their others. It didn’t smell strongly of vodka and it didn’t taste as strongly of it either. But it’s there, alright.

For me the cinnamon was a little overpowering. I’d have preferred to have the apple the dominant flavor. But that’s just me. Tasting is a very personal thing, and I know lots of people will love this. It’s certainly yet another really interesting vodka, and I did continue to sip it and sniff it, appreciating it like you would a fine scotch.

Infuse Vodka Cinnamon Apple Cocktail
The Infuse team’s home base of Las Vegas inspires their cinnamon apple cocktail suggestion. It’s a twist on the martini, called a Cinn-City Appletini. It mixes the vodka with some Frangelico and Irish cream. Now that does sound delicious. Click on the image to enlarge it and get the recipe.

Cinn-City Appletini vodka cocktail recipe from Infuse Vodka

Cinn-City Appletini

Infuse Cinnamon Apple Vodka currently costs $29.99 for a 750ml bottle and you can buy it on the website.

More details from the Infuse Spirits website.