Infuse Vodka Chili Pepper Flavor

Infuse Vodka Chili Pepper Vodka
Infuse Vodka Chili Pepper Vodka

Of all the various Infuse Vodka products I’d been reading about on their website, this Chili Pepper Vodka is the one I was most interested to try. I live in Arizona so have a taste for Mexican and South Western food, and love anything with a bit of a kick to it. The Infuse Vodka guys buy their chili peppers from Thailand, though, not Mexico or Arizona, so how would they compare?

Interestingly, this has a much subtler taste than I expected. Taking it from the freezer and pouring a shot glass for myself and my wife, we both sniffed it and couldn’t really detect much of a nose at all. It was a very clean smell. The nose did develop, though, as the vodka slowly warmed up. After 10-15 minutes there was a definite chili pepper note to it, and a hint of something sweet. The tasting notes from Infuse suggest figs. I didn’t detect figs but definitely something subtly sweet. There was also a slight smell of straw about it, which reminded me of working on farms as a kid.

Tasting the Infused Chili Pepper Vodka
The taste of the vodka is very subtle too. It certainly has a chili kick to it, but not as strong as I expected. There was that suggestion of something sweet, while my wife liked the slightly smoky taste of the chili pepper. As I continued to sip – and it is definitely a good sipping vodka – my mouth filled with that chili pepper taste. We happened to have opened some salsa and chips for a pre-dinner snack, and the vodka went brilliantly with those. I describe it as a good sipping vodka because the taste is so distinctive, you only want a small sip at a time.

Chili Pepper Vodka Cocktails
Normally I might try an improvised cocktail to see how the vodka blends with different flavors, but not with this one. I was curious to learn what it might taste like in a cocktail, and Infuse Vodka has several suggestions on its website (the Spicy Bloody Mary sounds a definite winner!) but I was enjoying the vodka on its own far too much to put it into a cocktail.


Spicy Bloody Mary Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Spicy Bloody Mary Vodka Cocktail Recipe

The Verdict
Like most of the other Infuse Vodka creations, this is a real winner. Its taste has a kick to it but is very understated. If you like chilis, you’ll love this Chili Pepper Vodka. In fact my wife wondered what we could do with the chili in the bottle once the vodka was finished. Maybe we could infuse some more vodka with it. It was an idea I liked a lot.

Infusions not Flavors
I almost wrote about the Infuse Vodka flavors, rather than creations, but that would have given the wrong impression. As I explain in my overview page about the company, they don’t use artificial flavors, they infuse their vodkas with the real fruits and spices, letting the vodka soak up the tastes till they have it the way they like it.

Infuse Chili Pepper Vodka is 40% ABV and currently costs $29.99 for a 750ml bottle. You can buy it on the website.

It’s also available at various stores and bars in and around Los Angeles.


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