Heritage Ginger Vodka Review

Ginger Vodka made by the Heritage Distilling Company of Washington State, reviewed by The Vodka Guy
HDC’s Ginger Vodka

I’ve got one word to say about this naturally-flavored ginger vodka from Heritage Distilling in Washington State: Wow! If I had to say it in two words they’d be: Buy It!

I’ve never been a big fan of the Moscow Mule, which is basically a mix of vodka (1x) and ginger beer (2x), plus throw in some lime juice. Ginger beer is… well, it isn’t beer and it’s fizzy and it tastes of ginger, which is kind-of OK. A Moscow Mule has a kick to it (as you’d expect from a mule) because of the proportions, but it always left me thinking… I should like this more than I do because it’s a classic cocktail but, you know, I’m not wild about it.

Then I tried this ginger-infused vodka. Normally with a new vodka to taste I’d sip it neat from the freezer, take a few sips, swirl it around, sip it again and then maybe try it in a simple cocktail. This time, though, I thought I’d make a Moscow Mule but with ginger vodka rather than plain. I bought some Stoli ginger beer at Total Wine. My wife claims I bought it because of the name but it was actually because it had all natural ingredients and none of that High Fructose Corn Syrup, which is fattening, unhealthy, and gets into everything. So top marks to Stoli.

Now either my tastes have changed or I’ve never had a proper Moscow Mule before. I used the simple recipe on the Stoli pack, although with the ginger vodka rather than plain vodka. This was clearly ginger madness, as Heritage Distilling recommends just a splash of their ginger vodka, the rest being plain vodka, in their own Moscow Mule recipe.

Ginger Vodka Moscow Mule from Heritage Distilling
My New Favorite Drink!

Well, I hate to disagree with a distiller, but I preferred my own Moscow Mule cocktail, heavy on the ginger. It was superb, refreshingly fizzy and definitely with a kick, perfect for a hot Arizona evening. My wife thought it was a winner too, so much so that we had another. And another the following night too. Pity we didn’t have the proper copper Moscow Mule mugs, but there you go. I’ll have to buy some as this is clearly going to become a habit. Maybe I’ll have to switch to the splash of this ginger vodka, just to make it last longer.

I tried this Heritage Distilling Company Ginger Vodka neat, and it was incredibly tasty on its own, and worked well with tonic water too. You’re spoiled for choice for ways to enjoy it.

Heritage Distilling
Heritage Distilling is based in the little city of Gig Harbor, overlooking Puget Sound in Washington State and about a 44-mile drive from Seattle. It’s as pretty a place as you could imagine, and they do distillery tours too. I can feel a visit to the area coming on, but first I’m going to have another Moscow Mule with this fabulous ginger vodka.