Foraging-Inspired Cocktails

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As the summer stretches into autumn, a new list of cocktail recipes inspired by the art of foraging has been launched for fans of high-end vodka brand, Black Moth.

Foraging is something which has gained massive popularity in recent years because of the new flavours there are to be discovered and this is something which in turn has influenced the cocktail industry.

Black_Moth_Truffle_Vodka_Foraged_Martini_CocktailThe Foraged Collection cocktails are recipes which are based around Black Moth Truffle Vodka, a spirit which is made using black winter truffles rooted out on the forest floor.

The cocktail recipes include ingredients that can be found when foraging, such as dandelion root, chamomile, home grown tomatoes, nettles, sea beet and wild strawberry.

BlackLeaf Events
They were created by Michael Stringer from BlackLeaf Events who is a well-known mixologist and global brand ambassador for Black Moth.

He said: “The mid-summer and autumn are great times for foraging, especially this year with the summer starting later and lasting longer. Beautiful flowers and berries are coming out later, which makes the time from now until October a perfect opportunity for foraging.

“The Foraged Collection is all about showing people what you can do when finding your own flavours and ingredients, to discover just how versatile you can be when using Black Moth. I wanted to get people thinking about other ingredients you can use, other than ones you find in the supermarket.”

Queen of the Sea Martini Recipe

Queen of the Sea Martini Recipe

Cocktail Recipes
Michael has been working on the recipes over the last few weeks, from the early stages of sourcing the ingredients, to studying them and making sure they were safe to consume. He also took the opportunity to learn as much as he could about finding the ingredients, as well as making the infusions and coming up with the recipes himself.

He added: “I have created a number of bespoke cocktails over the years for a number of events and have learnt that there should be nothing standard or boring about them. This is a new way to enjoy Black Moth vodka, using ingredients that are interesting, exciting, unusual and fun.”

Truffle Net Julep Recipe

Truffle Net Julep Recipe

About Black Moth Vodka

The individual taste of the vodka used to create Black Moth has been developed using authentic artisanal techniques handed down through generations, and the fermenting and distilling process has a fundamental effect on the sublime result.

Black Moth is five times distilled and three times filtered, creating a spirit that is noticeably soft on the pallet and delicately flavoured.

Made from grain, Black Moth has a warm and mellow taste, perfectly complementing the wonderful flavour of the black Périgord truffle.

Black Moth Vodka is available to purchase from Selfridges, The Whiskey Exchange, Amazon as well as other selected retailers and bars.

Wild Strawberry Punch

Wild Strawberry Punch