Elk Rider Corn Vodka

Heritage Distilling's Elk Rider Corn VodkaHeritage make so many vodkas it isn’t hard for The Vodka Guy to like them. I’ve recently reviewed both their ginger and their hibiscus infused vodkas, but they also make an amazing array of plain vodkas too. And the next person who tells me that all vodkas taste the same will be told to buy some of Heritage’s vodkas and to taste them one after the other.

Take this one, for example – a corn vodka in their Elk Rider series. This is an easy one to taste – and to like – because corn is such a distinctive grain. You can sense it right away on the nose – a slightly sweet scent, a little nutty maybe, and a freshness that reminds you of fields of corn swaying in the summer breeze. If you could smell colors, this would definitely be green.

As an aside – because The Vodka Guy tries to educate and inform – there are people who can smell colors. There is a very rare neurological condition called synesthesia. People with this condition have one or more of their senses mixed up, so some people can indeed smell and hear colors. For others a particular number or letter might be seen as a color, not as a shape, the way most people see it. It is a very confusing condition, with no known cause, and hard for the average person to comprehend.

Back at the vodka, the scent carries through to the palate. The taste too is very slightly sweet and nutty, deliciously smooth, with a nice thick mouth-feel, and a lovely warmness as it goes down.

Elk Rider Corn Vodka is definitely a sipping vodka – in fact I’m sipping it now, to remind me what it’s like. I’m sure it will work in cocktails too, as it’s a quality vodka, though for the moment I’m happy to enjoy it neat and make it last.

Make Your Own Vodka
Incidentally, if you ever fancied making your own vodka – or gin or whiskey – you can do it at Heritage Distilling. Once or twice  a month they throw open their doors to a 3-hour distilling experience they call My Batch. You not only get a distillery tour and a food pairing of spirits, you get a hands-on legal distilling experience, with a chance to buy that day’s spirits and take home a 2-liter cask that you can use to age your own spirits. I only wish I lived close to their distillery in Gig Harbor, Washington State, then I’d definitely be putting my name down for what sounds like a real fun session. Whether the results would be anything like the quality of this Elk Rider Corn Vodka remains to be seen. Or tasted.

More Information
Visit the Heritage Distilling website.