Cocktails Delivered in Manchester

Full range of Laundrette vodka cocktails available for delivery in Manchester

With just a few clicks, Deliveroo will now deliver vodka cocktails – including the Laundrette Mary featuring Absolut Citron and the Raaspberri Flossi featuring Absolut Raspberri – straight to your door. The service is in partnership with The Laundrette in Chorlton, making it the first establishment in the north, and the second in the whole of the UK to offer cocktails on the home delivery service.

The Laundrette situated on Beech Road are known for their impressive, picturesque cocktails which are all hand crafted to complement their indulgent food menu perfectly. The cocktails are beautifully presented in Alice in Wonderland potion style bottles, with step by step guides, and come with finishing touches, including garnishes and straws.

The Laundrette Mary is one of the Absolut vodka cocktails available for delivery in Manchester

The Laundrette Mary

The cocktails include:

  • Laundrette Mary – Our very own signature Bloody Mary – Absolut Citron vodka, fresh lemon, tomato juice & our secret recipe spice mix which you add to your liking! £7.00
  • Raspberri Flossi – Our favourite sweet treat! Absolut Raspberri, Drambuie, Limoncello, apple, cream & Grenadine. Finished off with a ball of candyfloss. £8.00
  • Leon’s Love Juice – Fruity & refreshing – Absolut Vodka, raspberry liqueur, peach, pomegranate & fresh passionfruit seeds. £6.50
  • Laundrette Pornstar – Absolut Vanilia Vodka, passion fruit & pineapple. Served with a prosecco chaser. The ultimate easy drinking! £8.50
  • Bottle Aged Negroni – Our spin on the classic – Chivas Regal, Campari, Aperol & mancino rosso. A sophisticated sipping cocktail. £8.50
  • Marshmallow Colada – A sweet tropical Pina Colada twist – Havana 3, Malibu, Marshmallow syrup, coconut milk & pineapple juice. £7.00
Leon's Love Juice is one of the Absolut vodka cocktails available for delivery in Manchester

Leon’s Love Juice

“We’re excited to partner with Deliveroo and The Laundrette to be able to offer quality Absolut cocktails on demand, giving people the opportunity to experience an Absolut Night from their home without having to step out of the door,” says Rick Bennett Baggs, Senior Brand Manager, Absolut.

“We were really impressed by the amazing response to our new Deliveroo cocktail service, and are now looking at extending the service into the City Centre in the future so more people can enjoy great cocktails in the comfort of their own homes,” says Rebecca Pringle from The Laundrette in Manchester.

Ordering Information
Available via Deliveroo, Monday – Sunday, 12 to 11pm, within 2.2 kilometres (1.36 miles) from Chorlton centre:

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