Chase Eureka Lemon Marmalade Vodka Review

The market for flavoured vodkas seems to be never-ending although thankfully we appear to have seen the end of the more ludicrous options, like bacon or cookie dough. Many of the flavours (or infusions) appearing these days are of the kind that make you actually want to try them to see what they’re like.

Chase’s Eureka Lemon Marmalade Vodka was one of those. My first reaction on reading about it was – well, maybe not. But when you think about it, when vodka becomes gin it zings with citrus, so why couldn’t marmalade vodka work. I love marmalade, I love vodka… so let’s try it, though perhaps not over buttered toast for breakfast.

When a bottle arrived my wife went into overdrive – about the bottle. That is beautiful, she said. We’re definitely saving that one and doing something with it when it’s empty. She was right. It’s a work of art, a really handsome and elegant tall bottle in a beautiful lemon colour with swirly decorations – well, take a look at the photo.

Naturally I volunteered to empty it as fast as I could, though that wasn’t quite what she had in mind. So I started with a shot glass of the vodka neat. On the nose it was very tangy and lemony (which is hardly unexpected, I know), but with a warmth about it. And if you don’t think you can smell warmth, well I think you can. The base vodka is Chase’s potato vodka, and as I love potato vodkas and find them generally smoother than most, it didn’t surprise me that the lemon smell was gentle rather than sharp.

Tasting it, the lemon flavour was very rounded. After all, you don’t want a vodka that makes you pucker your lips, do you? It had quite a think mouth-feel, and a smooth and creamy taste to it, but no masking the fact that it is a full 40% ABV.

The tasting notes suggest for the finish a hint of vanilla and lemon meringue pie. Well, vanilla, yes, though for me it was the creamy smoothness that lingered, with no lemon intensity.

All in all it’s a delightful vodka – the lemon is more evident on the nose, softened by the creaminess in the mouth, and then disappearing to more of a subtle hint on the finish.

Chase does actually distil their potato vodka with a thick-cut lemon marmalade, and then afterwards marinates the result for 72 hours with eureka lemon peel, to give the vodka its colour and more flavour.

We’ll have no trouble finishing this bottle and then finding some attractive way of displaying it, believe me.

Lemon Marmalade Vodka Cocktail

More Information
This lemon marmalade vodka has a recommended price of £39 in the UK and you can read more about Chase Marmalade Vodka on the Chase website.

In the UK you can also buy Chase Eureka Lemonade Vodka on Amazon.