Welcome to The Vodka Guy’s website. I have a simple mission statement: I like vodka. So here I’ll be writing about everything that’s good about my favorite drink, including the top rated vodkas, top 10 vodkas, smoothest vodkas, best tasting vodkas, best flavored vodkas, the history of vodka, and the stories behind vodka makers and distilleries old and new.

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I have no qualifications at all for doing this, other than a love for vodka which I got on my first visit to Russia when a fellow traveler introduced me to the tangy taste of bison grass vodka (which I know is Polish) to help pass a long coach journey. So I would like to drink a vodka toast to the late Peter Fairley, thoroughly nice guy, one-time science writer and later a travel writer, who didn’t know that he was starting me off on a life-long love affair with vodka when he opened his bottle and gave me a drink. It was later on that same trip, where we ended up in Siberia, that Peter also introduced me to the even tangier taste of pepper vodka, long before such flavors were readily available in the west. I remember searching high and low, and paying a price that was high not low, for bottles of bison grass and pepper vodka when I got back home.

In fact let’s drink a toast to vodka lovers everywhere, as we enjoy our favorite drink – whatever the flavour, whether it’s smooth, top-rated, best tasting or a top 10 vodka or not. Enjoy. And remember the Russian proverb:

There’s no such thing as too much vodka, only too little vodka.
(Russian Saying)

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